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tide-mammoth is a famous brand of mammoth ivory products internationally. tide-mammoth is professional in mammoth ivory. The brand has been established for over 10 years. It designs and produces all kinds of mammoth ivory products such as jewelry, carving, knife scales, guitar picks and dollhouse miniature etc.

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Precious-mammoth, is one of the major mammoth ivory wholesaler and manufacturer of mammoth ivory business in the world. Precious-mammoth offer relatively competitive wholesaler price to their business partners because they import their mammoth ivory raw material from Russia directly. Also, all products from precious-mammoth are produced by artisans in their China factory. This kind of one-stop service let them reduce their running cost and increase their competitiveness. That is why precious-mammoth can maintain their market leading position in mammoth ivory wholesale business.

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Precious-mammoth strength in large variety of excellent traditional Asian style art carving products. They offer the widest selection of netsuke, carving, jewelry and beads. From a small bead to a large tusk carving, all of them can represent the best artwork offering by precious-mammoth. Therefore, Precious-mammoth is a highly commanded wholesale partner for you.

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Subject Categories of Netsuke:
Netsuke reflect the nature of the society that produced them. It displays every aspect of Japan and Chinese culture including folk and religion, all types of people and creatures, both real and imagined, and every kind of object. The Main subject categories of netsuke are as below:

  1. Animal - Chinese zodiac animals and other animal such as cat, frog, turtle, elephant etc. are common animal subject of netsukes.
  2. People - Called “figurine” netsuke, including famous, anonymous, current, historical, real and fictitious, god, children, warriors etc.
  3. Sexual – Called "shunga" netsuke, it may depict a male and female in sexual conjugation, or may contain only subtle or symbolic sexual reference.

Others – Such as plants, insect and some non-living things

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